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BARREtoned co-owner Linda takes you through a 60-minute workout that targets key muscles in reshaping your body, with an extra focus on the inner thigh area. The workout includes free-weight exercises and press-ups to sculpt your arms, leg exercises and stretches performed at a portable barre or high-backed chair to sculpt and slim down your legs and hips, core work done on a mat, and a relaxing series of final stretches. Linda’s students include Sandra and Qin, two students from the Notting Hill Studio.

What you need:
* A sturdy chair or portable barre
* A soft strap for stretching
* Towel or yoga mat (if you are not in a carpeted area)
* Two free weights that are 1-to-2 kilos (2-to-4 pounds) each
* A BARREtoned ball
* Language: English