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Esther 1 (with pregnancy modifications)

BARREtoned founder, Esther takes you through a 60-minute full body workout that targets key muscles in reshaping your body, with an extra focus on the upper back and shoulders. The workout includes prenatal modifications demonstrated by an instructor who is 8 months pregnant, that allow you to follow our class through you entire pregnancy, as long as you have permission from your physician to partake in exercise. Esther’s students include Cristy (a senior instructor) and Marie (a student from our Notting Hill studio)

What you need:
* A sturdy chair or portable barre
* A soft strap for stretching
* Towel or yoga mat (if you are not in a carpeted area)
* Two free weights that are 1-to-2 kilos (2-to-4 pounds) each
* A BARREtoned ball
* Language: English