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True to the Australian stereotype, Sam lives for sport. She danced classical ballet from 3 until 15, then filled the hole playing representative touch rugby and hockey (while also being a competitive swimmer and middle distance runner). However, surfing in her native Australia (or anywhere that doesn’t require a wetsuit) was her true passion - that is until she discovered BARREtoned.

In 2006, her job as a lawyer led her to England. She took up yoga and pilates, but it left her unfulfilled - a gym-hater, she yearned for alternatives. When a friend recommended BARREtoned, it was an instant and perfect fit.

“I was thrilled to discover that it physically and mentally challenged me in the same way as surfing. It left me equally exhilarated and, at times, happily exhausted”.

BARREtoned also rekindled her love of dance and, more generally, of 'beautiful sports' that require strength, flexibility, endurance and grace …. plus mental grit!

Sam believes in the importance of balance - work hard and play hard(er)! So, whilst she is super friendly and determined to have fun, you have been warned: she’s also mighty serious when driving you towards your fitness goals!

When she isn’t at BARRE toned, Sam is chasing after her two turbo-charged sons… or recovering over a glass of wine with her husband and friends.