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Senior Instructor

Michele has always been a runner but was told to stop because her leg muscles were too weak to support her knees. She took up group exercise, but found that group classes only bulked her up.

Through a friend, she discovered barre exercises 3 years ago, and was excited by the challenging format. She kept going and noticed the significant changes to her body, and, most importantly, she was able to pick up running again; thanks to barre, she has completed two half-marathons with her husband. It took Michele less than one week to join BARREtoned when she moved to London, and her love for the class led her to become an instructor.

"I'm honored to be teaching classes. I know first hand the positive changes that result from taking barre, so I am thrilled that I get to share my passion with others. I love watching clients give their all, and seeing their transformations as well. It's very humbling to know you're helping people become stronger and healthier."

Outside the studio, Michele is a senior manager with a global PR agency, and loves exploring London with her husband.

Michele's favourite part of class is THIGH, you'll find out why…