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A confirmed exercise hater, Catherine had resigned herself to the reality of middle-aged spread and couch potato status. Other than sporadic attempts at swimming and the occasional guilt inspired bout of yoga, her future fitness looked dire...

But then a chance read of an article about the new 'craze' - barre - piqued her interest! Never one to miss an opportunity to try the latest thing, her first stop was BARREtoned back in December 2013. And she hasn't left the studio since!

4 inches smaller around her waist, 3 inches around her hips and receiving compliments on her 'toned arms', Catherine wanted to be a barre instructor from the very beginning.

When she's not at the studio, she spends her time with her two chihuahuas, Trixie and Bruno and enjoying this great city we call home.

Watch how the Notting Hill native kicks some serious booty! :)