“Once you go ‘barre’, you never go back!”

The Workout

Originally based on the Lotte Berk Method, BARRE exercise has become super poplular due to how rapidly it can produce visibly toned muscles and increase the body's abilty to burn fat. Each class is perfomed at the ballet barre and on mats, using small controlled movements to work each muscle group to exhaustion. After each excercise muscles will then be stretched out. Don't fret: you won't "bulk up" just create longer, leaner muscles to help you get bikini ready!

Why BARREtoned?

If you are looking for a 60 minute high intensity, low impact, work your butt off experience, then you've hit the right class. Forget standing around and discussing your latest tutu, our class will take you to the limit and back. You'll have a full body workout, performed at the barre. We will stretch you and elongate every muscle. Your thighs will be screaming stop but your head will be screaming one more set! Once you've gone BARREtoned you never go back.

BARREtoned - What it's all about!

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